Regarding to exploitation of Borley Copper mine the Copper-KZ LLP done following items:

– Mine Extraction

  • Opening of the quarry, excavation and transportation of waste rock over the distance
    of 2 km and laying of waste rock in a pile, the pile formation Volume is 40,000 m3
  • Excavation and transportation of ore over the distance of 2 km, Volume is 80,000 m3
  • Removal of a fertile layer to the depth of 20 cm on the area of 150 thousands m2. And Loading, transportation up to 2 km away and laying in a topsoil pile 30 thousands m3.

– Construction of a dirt road

Construction of a dirt road of the 4th category (as attached) 10 km long, this Road is branched from Main road (Balkhash to Karaganda) and will connect to the Borley Mine.

-Construction of a water-collecting pool

Construction of a water-collecting pool with the following dimensions: 50m×50m×5m

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