Copper KZ-CA

Copper Kz-CA Company is a specialized company in the mining industry and its strategic purpose is to develop its mining resources in Borly mine in Kazakhstan. The idea of the establishment of the company has been introduced by senior managers of both Golgohar Mining & Industrial Co. And Chadormalu Mining & industrial Co.  As two biggest company in the industry of iron mining in Middle East and North Africa (MENA).


BORLEY copper deposit is located in 40 km NW of Balkhash city, Karaganda Province, Kazakhstan. The exploration permit area of this mine is about 2.65 km2.


The exploration studies of this deposit were initiated in 1931 by drilling 14 boreholes. Later on, some exploration studies were performed in this deposit within 1950-51, 1964-1967, and 1974-1982. The major exploration (Preliminary and detailed) information was gathered from 1974 to 1982 by Balkhash GEP Co. Moreover, exploration continued in 2012 through digging of exploratory trenches and core drilling up to 40m.


Modelling  and estimation of the  Borley Copper deposit was  performed based  on exploration data.  Mineral resource estimation of Borley is  about  140  million ton and  average grade of Cu is 0.35%.


Regarding to exploitation of Borley Copper mine the Copper-KZ LLP done following items:

– Mine Extraction

  • Opening of the quarry, excavation and transportation of waste rock over the distance
    of 2 km and laying of waste rock in a pile, the pile formation Volume is 40,000 m3
  • Excavation and transportation of ore over the distance of 2 km, Volume is 80,000 m3
  • Removal of a fertile layer to the depth of 20 cm on the area of 150 thousands m2. And Loading, transportation up to 2 km away and laying in a topsoil pile 30 thousands m3.

– Construction of a dirt road

Construction of a dirt road of the 4th category (as attached) 10 km long, this Road is branched from Main road (Balkhash to Karaganda) and will connect to the Borley Mine.

-Construction of a water-collecting pool

Construction of a water-collecting pool with the following dimensions: 50m×50m×5m

Feasibility Study Report of BORLEY Copper Leaching Plant with a Capacity of 3000 tons per year:

The FS report includes results of geological and exploration studies as well as mine design and optimization studies, market studies, infrastructure studies, processing studies and reviewing the required permits and other operational conditions of the project. Also, it represents an economic evaluation of the present project in the Kazakhstan as the investment environment of this project.

The study was ordered by Kavand Nahan Zamin Co. to be performed by Kusha Madan Consulting Engineers Co.

Heap Leaching:

Currently, the Pilot Heap leaching project is Finished and ready to start. In this regard, the pilot heap was loaded 22170 cubic meters of 0.4% Copper ore from Borley mine.

Based on resource estimation and Processing test results the Copper-KZ LLP intend to construction and exploitation of a copper cathode plant with a capacity of 3000 tonnes per year.

Human resource:

The manpower of this project (copper cathode production project with a capacity of 3000 tons per year) in three parts of the mine, factory and office, based on the specialties will need 83 people directaly and 250 people indirectly.

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